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Managing Stress

May 29, 2016


Is stress making you sick?

So many of us feel that way…working long hours in a row without a break like a mouse on a treadmill that never stops moving.

In the UK, one out of five said that stress had made them physically ill during their career.  Even during this recession antidepressant sales continue to rise.


What are the causes of stress?

  • insecurity financial or otherwise
  • a demanding routine
  • interpersonal conflicts
  • a traumatic experience

Stress itself isn’t necessarily harmful – it can be the kiss of death or the spice of life.

The key is learning to manage it.

Since people vary in temperament and general health their ability to cope with stress varies greatly also.

What are some helpful suggestions to deal with stress?

  • Confide in a trusted family member or friend.   Studies show that the support of love ones helps with stress related disorders
  • Do not continually form a worst – case scenario
  • Try to give yourself some downtime and get adequate rest
  • Set sound priorities.  Simplify your life and alleviate added workload and expenses
  • Deal with personal conflict in a calm and rational way
  • Be forgiving… A forgiving attitude reduces stress
  • Make some lifestyle changes to reduce stress – healthy diet, sleep, exercise, take breaks, from work, learn to work with your hands or learn to play a musical instrument
  • and finally be kind to yourself…go for long walks on the beach or in a forest, enjoy a spa day or a vacation, take a day trip for a change of scenery, go for take a scenic drive,  get out of your head,  breathe  and take a moment to really stop and smell the roses…good health to you!
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