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Good Work???

April 20, 2015

With the popularity of shows like Botched and Good Work the subject of plastic surgery and injectables have been on my mind. I was particularly struck by an individual whose disfigured face and chest were the result of injections she had at a Pumping Party. Weeks after the event her face started to leak on one side and all the filled areas formed hard lumps under the skin. Turns out the filler used was liquid cement. Upon investigating I found out that a Pumping Party involves being injected by someone who is not qualified to do so in a group setting. The injectables can be anything and as NBC Philadelphia reports can result in women being maimed, disfigured or even killed as a result. Injections involving Krazy Glue, liquid cement and non-medical silicone are being used. Women are dying from these illegal parties and also from illegal underground surgery.

I ask myself why? Why did they choose to do it? Are we so obsessed with our appearance that we will risk our lives for larger lips, chest or butt? Why do we continue to value ourselves based solely on our appearance? What about the person we are on the inside – our humanity, our empathy, our humour.

I’m certainly not against self-improvement . If anything I’m always trying to be more physically active, to take better care of myself and others and to try to improve and grow as a person. I’m not anti-plastic surgery either. When there is a genuine need – physical deformity, burn victim, etc., it’s a wonderful thing. It has its place in a medically safe environment but when women are dying from the reckless pursuit of perfection something has to change.

Perhaps if the media could share stories of women’s empathy, courage, strength and goodness it would change the perception of what real beauty is instead of the constant bombardment of unattainable physical perfection. Shift the focus to build up self-esteem instead of tearing it down.

Sometimes we need to be content with who we are and what we look like. Since I was a little girl I’ve had a bump on my lip. It’s not my favorite thing. My father, however, calls it my lip bubble. Recently he told me that he always thought it was cute. It just goes to show you that how we see ourselves may not be how others see us. Since he’s my father he may be bias but my lip bubble is unique to me so I have decided to embrace it.

Be smart and be safe and love yourselves ladies.

Your unique look and proportions make you – you , truly one of a kind!

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