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November 4, 2013

Things I miss………..
Our world continues to change as technology continues to advance.
I found myself thinking about the things that I miss as our world changes.
Maybe it’s just me but I miss going to a store to buy records, then cassettes, then CD’s and by store I mean a record store with a vast selection. I enjoyed looking through the racks. Many times I would take a chance on an unknown artist and feel rewarded when I’d made a great discovery.
I enjoyed going to the video store as well, all those titles waiting to be rented. Sometimes you could pick up an entire TV series that you may have missed. Sadly it too has been mothballed.
There is something very immediate about finding an item, having it in your hands. It seems to be getting lost. I’m not saying that the internet isn’t useful. I am in the process of buying two kitchen faucets as a result of research done on the internet. I’m grateful that I don’t have to spend hours in a plumbing showroom trying to figure out what I need. My kitchen pics and a useful website made the search much faster but there are those in-person shopping experiences that I miss.
I also miss having my gas pumped by a service attendant, my windshield wiped etc. Why is everything so “do it yourself” these days? I’m sorry but filling my car with gas and filling my tires with air when it is sub-zero out is no thrill believe me. The grocery carry-out too is but a faded childhood memory.
I can only hope that they don’t find a way to get rid of restaurants and the opportunity to go out for dinner. I worry about a future with a drive-thru dinner consisting of 2 power food pills being given to me in a bio-degradable paper cup. Hopefully technology slows down before we get to that point.

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