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Braille in an ADA Compliant Sign

April 5, 2013

Braille and Tactile Sign

Continuing our series on Accessible Signage – today we are going to talk about some of the rules put in place around Braille signage. It is important to follow these standards so that your visually impaired employees and customers are able to access the information they need to safely guide themselves around your building.

For more background on braille you can read our short writeup from earlier this year. It explains the difference between the 3 types of Braille and why they are important.
Here are some Braille guidelines:

  1. Braille text should be located directly below any printed text.
  2. Text written in Braille should be upper/lower case. All Caps is not recommended.
  3. The space between lines of Braille dots should be at least 0.39″ or 10mm.
  4. Braille characters should be incorporated into a non-glare background tactile sign.

We will talk more about tactile signage guidelines in our next post.

Some of the information in this post was taken from: The Braille Authority – “Size and Spacing of Braille Characters”


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