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Colour Contrast in ADA Compliant Signage

March 2, 2013

There are many standards set in place for Accessible Signage. The most notable of these is the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States. Here in Ontario, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) has set standards in place for a barrier-free Ontario.

As a building owner, how do you properly sign your company to meet these standards? Over the next months, we will be writing a few posts describing simple ways you can ensure your designs are correct.

One of the ways you can create an attractive sign is with colour. Here at EMC, we have many colour options to choose from. However, if you are creating Accessible Signage it is important to take note of the contrast between your colours as well as the aesthetics you want to show your fully-sighted employees and customers.

We primarily use Rowmark materials for creating our Braille and Tactile signage. Their many colour options make it easy to meet your branding standards. There are two materials generally used for creating the signs. The cut-out tactile text is made from “Rowmark ADA Applique” and “Rowmark ADA Alternative” is used for the background. Here is a colour contrast chart from Rowmark detailing some of the best colour combinations to use in your signage.

Once you have chosen your desired colour combination, you can come to us with a pre-designed layout – or we can create an ADA compliant layout for you. When your new signage is in use you can be confident that it is fully accessible and is also properly branded and aesthetically pleasing.

Stay tuned, and come back often to find out more!


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