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Safety and Signage in the Workplace

November 19, 2012

A work environment should be a safe space where employees can feel comfortable and productive. Unfortunately this is not always a reality.  A grim Bureau of Labor Statistics report has recently shown workplace fatalities are on the rise. Nonfatal workplace injuries have shown a slight decline, but still affected 3.1 million people when last measured in 2010. A large percentage of these accidents could have easily been prevented with better safety measures including proper signage.

A safe workplace benefits everyone. A small investment in simple but vital safety products can benefit employers, workers and consumers.   Workers’ compensation and medical costs from workplace injuries amount to $155.5 billion in damages paid by employers annually in the United Sates alone. But there are more than simple financial considerations to take into account. Employees are also harmed, not only from potential suffering in the event of injury or death, but also through lowered wages when another worker is injured.  The cost of damages is thereby passed down to the consumers through higher prices.

At Engraving Marketing Concepts we understand the importance of safety and we take it seriously.  Our rotary and laser engraved plastic safety signs are designed for maximal readability and clarity to be sure their potentially life-saving message will not go unnoticed.

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