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Point Me in the Right Direction

September 28, 2012

Whether you live in a small town or a big city finding your way around, even in this day of GPS devices and smartphones, is very dependent on good signage.  Look around and count how many signs tell you where the elevator is, the nearest exit, the on-ramp to the freeway and so on.  Many businesses forget to think about how dependent their customers are on utilizing good signage.  It’s up to you to provide the best and most accurate signage at every possible location at your office, store, or facility all in an effort to provide accurate and precise information and directions.

Thinking about this further, what makes a good sign…good?

Easy to Read:   Most importantly signage must be easy to read. It comes down to the basics, what information are you trying to get across to the reader of your sign?  Are you directing them to a particular place?  Are you providing a name and title?  Are you giving them emergency instructions?  The key is to make sure the information is correct, concise and clear.

Function over Form:  Often people go for form rather than function when designing a sign.  They want it to look good or to stand out.  At EMC we take pride in making all of our signage attractive and pleasant to the eye.   However, we try to make certain that the beauty of the sign doesn’t overshadow its meaning.  It can look attractive yet still be functional and readable.

Clear Emergency Instructions:  When it comes to emergency instructions, having a good sign can literally be the difference between life and death.  When a person’s life could be at stake, you must make sure that all your emergency signage follows your local and state laws.  As well, it should always be located in places that people can easily see it and can then quickly respond. Spending a little extra on high quality emergency signage can actually save lives and it is hard to put a dollar amount on that.

These are just a few attributes that make up a good sign.  Choosing the right signage is a major investment in you, your business, your associates, your customers  and your future. So contact EMC today to choose the sign that’s best for you.

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